Link of the Day: Screenwriting Tips…You Hack

Check out this site for your daily dose of screenwriting wisdom, written by a guy who has clearly read thousands of scripts and, judging from the snarky tone, is hurting a little bit from it. A few sample pieces of advice:

You (usually) only have one protagonist. Better work out who it is before you start.

It pays to do some kind of research into mental illnesses before you decide to give your main character one.

His blunt attitude might come across as unnecessarily cynical, even rude, but it’s actually par for the course for anyone who reads scripts for a living. Running across the same fundamental weaknesses or avoidable slip-ups in a script can really wear a reader down.

Still, I’m of the opinion that it pays to be supportive and constructive when it comes to giving a writer advice, and suspect that this site might be more about sharing in-jokes with fellow script readers than it is about advising writers.

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