Spec Tracking

Every so often, I’ll post the titles and loglines of scripts that are currently being shopped to producers. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with what scripts are getting attention based on their loglines alone. You’ll notice running trends with these specs — most importantly, there are a few genres which are perpetually popular. Action thriller, comedy, romantic comedy, crime drama — you’ll see a lot of these. Sci-fi, romantic drama, biopics and other genres tend to be harder sells, for various reasons (men won’t see romantic dramas, sci-fi costs money, etc.) but you can always count on a cheaply-produced buddy comedy to take in some money at the box office or, at the very least, on DVD.

By Ted M.
A lonely California man responds to a exotic woman’s phishing email and an unlikely romance blossoms.

By Matt P.
A virus from a top secret government island has accidentally infected a spring break cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. With most of the partying students turned into zombies, it’s up to a soldier and a group of co-eds to contain the virus before it reaches land…and before they are eaten.

By LaRon T.
A decorated NYPD Detective is on the run for stumbling on to a desperately needed drug, much to the chagrin of the Government and New York’s finest, all of whom are now gunning for him.

By Craig S.
When an architect sent to Dubai unwittingly loses the encrypted files he was secretly meant to courier, he must expose the conspiracy to save himself and his fiancée.

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One Comment on “Spec Tracking”

  1. Vic Arpeggio Says:

    That is a MUCH better logline for THE ARCHITECT than I came up with.

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