Link of the Day: Screenline Insider Blog

Screenline has launched an interesting new feature: former Paramount distribution and marketing executive Ellen Pittleman will be examining a foreign territory’s box office trends each week. This week she takes a look at Brazil, which has seen a huge uptick in box office revenues thanks to an upturn in their economy and higher ticket prices from 3D Films.

Brazilian films took a 14.2% market share with 84 releases and 16m admissions, topped by Daniel Filho’s comedy sequel “If I Were You 2” which earned R$50.5m, had 5.7m admissions and placed second as the top performer for the year.

At number one was Fox’s “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” with R$81.1m gross and admissions of 9.2m.

Paris Filmes released “Twilight: New Moon” which grossed more in Brazil than all of the rest of Latin America to earn R$45.9m on admissions of 5.6m tickets sold. It was the best opening weekend of the past two years.

Brazil’s government supports the local filmmaking industry with tax incentives, and has recently come up with something they call the Sector Fund, an incentive-driven program geared to increase the number of movies being released each year capable of selling more than a million theater tickets.

It’s good reading, so check it out. And if you’re looking for more tasty links, remember to check out my links page, an up-to-date archive of resources and entertaining reading for screenwriters.

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