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Hey site readers,

I’m very happy to announce that beginning this week, ScriptBird will be offering a flexible payment option for script analysis. Not only is this option going to be easier on your wallets, but it will now be simpler to get exactly what you’re looking for without paying for feedback you don’t need. Rather than a flat rate for a script notes package, you will now have the option to pay on a per-hour basis.

I’ve been at this business for several years, and what I’ve found is that no two clients want exactly the same thing. You might be confident with where you are with a project, feel like you’re ready to show it to people, and simply want a quick and honest second opinion from a completely impartial expert — in which case, you don’t need to pay for several pages of development notes.

Or you may be mired in that familiar hell that many, many writers experience: you’ve vomited out a first draft, you see nothing but flaws, and you’re at a loss as to how best to start making changes — in which case, you need plenty of guidance.

To be honest, guys, I’m at a loss as to why more script analysis and coverage services aren’t offering this kind of option to writers already. It’s high time we did. Wherever stage you’re at, ScriptBird was created to encourage you in your goal to write a solid, memorable, marketable screenplay. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for you to achieve that goal.

Go here for more details on flexible payment

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