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Before You Burn out on “Hurt Locker” talk, Read this Article

March 9, 2010

Film Closings is a great blog, and its most recent article is a truly interesting insider look at how “The Hurt Locker” found financing, against all odds. To give you a taste:

Nicolas loves the “Hurt Locker” script, phones back and against all experience and precedent, tells CAA – the agency repping the film – that not only will he take on this Iraqi war movie to acquire the foreign pre-sales, but he wants to help in producing it. The subject matter, he tells them, speaks to him.

There is one small problem, Nicolas believes that, even at $20 million, the budget is too high — it must be lowered substantially, slashed by some 35% to $13 million, in order for him to be able to sell it and stand any chance of making a profitable film. CAA agrees. The budget will be lowered, line by painful line, in hopes they can still maintain the quality production values worthy of a theatrical release.

I always tell writers to be aware of what genre they’ve chosen to write in (you’d be surprised how many don’t know), and even more importantly, to be aware of the challenges of selling a project in that particular genre. War movies are perpetually difficult to sell — even well written ones with solid attachments like “The Hurt Locker.” Financiers want guarantees — and in Hollywood, there are no guarantees to be had. The result is a paradoxical situation, a mire into which many a hopeful script falls and very few completed films ever emerge.

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